Types of Body Pillows

A body is one of the different types of pillows available in the market. It is an oversize pillow made to support your entire body length when taking a nap. A couple of people have said body pillows can work wonders in helping avoid snoring, back, neck and leg aches.

All about body pillows


Body pillows come in handy for all types of sleepers, more those who sleeper on their back or side. So what types of body pillows are available and how can you pick the best? Body pillows come in a variety of shapes. The most common shape is the straight flat pillow. Round pillows do support provide steadier support than the flat pillows and can be comfier for your knees and chest.

There are also J, U, and C-shaped body pillows like the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. These types of pillows can give support to the back, head as well as the neck. U-shaped body pillows provide the best support to people with back pains and also to pregnant women. Below we go into detail on the various types of body pillows.

Shredded memory foam

This type of pillow is stuffed with CERT-PUR foam, which frees from any harmful chemicals. Its pillow cover is made from a combination of bamboo viscose and polyester making it possible to machine wash it and dry it.

Also, this person is hypo-allergic and dust resistant which makes it a good pick for who may be allergic to dust or certain chemicals. Due to the breathable design of its cover and the stuffed foam, it’s bound to stay cool throughout your sleep. Its soft fabric makes it comfortable and relaxing when sleeping on it.

Micro-bead body pillow

This type of pillows is exceptional in that they have a spongier feeling than foam body pillows. Made of the tiniest micro beads available, this pillow is soft, firm and flexible to help you move around and bend it as you deem fit.

It comes in a circular shape, for this, it is a perfect pillow for pregnant women. It can also be used to support oneself.
The pillow’s case can be removed and washed and also can the pillow, but only in a soft-front loading cycle.

Comfort U body pillow

It is a U-shaped pillow, does a great job as a pain reliever while still making sleep comfortable both for normal and pregnant women.

The pillows offer firm support from head to toe, on both sides. It is also flexible enough to adjust to various positions. Also, one can use it to prop him/herself when reading or also breastfeeding for new mothers.

Heated body pillows

kjasdbvkjskjadvbkjsbdvkjbsakdvbkasjdbvkjasbvsavsdFor people living in areas with extremely cold temperatures. They are good for people who need to warm up. Also, will help you in energy conservation as you only need to heat them up alone instead of the whole house.

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