Pregnancy – What You Need To Know

For women getting pregnant is the beginning of creating new life. It will bring significant change to their life throughout the journey and once the baby is born. For anyone who has never been pregnant how do they know that they are. Below are some pointers on pregnancy and what one needs to know.


Signs that you may be pregnant


There are signs that one can see that may indicate that one is pregnant. One of this is if you have a missed period. One needs to be tracking their cycle to determine whether they are late or not. Considering doing a pregnancy test if you have stayed more than a month since your last period. Though sometimes stress, exercise or diet may delay or cause one to skip their period. Secondly, one can also experience cramps and feel some discomfort. Third, one’s breasts may hurt and feel tender. They may also appear bigger due to increase in blood flow. Lastly, one may start feeling different. They may experience nausea, exhaustion, food aversion and may frequently visit the bathroom to urinate.

Tests that can be done

If one experiences the above signs, it is essential for them to do a pregnancy test. There are two types of tests that one can do. One is a urine pregnancy test, the other a blood test. One can do a home pregnancy urine test or at the doctor’s office. What products can use at home? The Answer Pregnancy Test is a simple urine stream kit and many other products that one can buy and do the test at the convince of their home. The products come with instructions that one can easily follow. Secondly is the one can do a blood test at the doctor’s office. This test can detect pregnancy earlier about 6 to 8 days after ovulation. However, this tests takes longer than a home pregnancy test.

What steps to take

euurudjdjdjOnce the test comes out positive meaning that one is pregnant, one needs to take a few measures to ensure that they and the baby’s health is taken care of. They need to start seeing a gynecologist regularly who will check on both the mother to be and the baby. One will need to watch what they eat and drink to ensure the growth and development of the baby.

If the test is negative, one may not be pregnant. However, one may be pregnant if they used a test that has expired, you may have taken the test the wrong way, may have tested too soon, your urine was too dilute due to fluids that you consumed before taking the test or that you are on some medication that can affect the test.

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