Your Physical Fitness Starts With You

Each day we wake up, our main goal is to be better than we were yesterday in every way. Whether it’s in terms of our mindsets or other aspects, we can’t settle for second best. It’s our duty to always be on the lookout for opportunities to always be our very best. This should be the case even when it comes to physical fitness. We can’t afford to start lagging behind and taking whatever comes our way. It all calls for action in our minds and then the rest of us spring to action.

Physical fitness is never a comfortable topic for any of us. This is how it has been for the longest time now. The tradition is being carried forward to forthcoming generations. If we aren’t careful, they’ll start singing the same song we are currently singing. Most of us have even given up hope of ever gaining a gorgeous physique. To most of us, bring beautiful on the inside and out is a pipe dream. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. We should look in the mirror and appreciate what we see. It has to start with us. Our attitude towards the fitness journey must be positive.

Let’s play our role effectively

As we’ve seen earlier, we must be ready and willing to take it on by force. Along the way, we will hear those voices of defeat nagging us to give up. Also, the self-defeating thoughts will creep in in our minds telling us that we’ll never achieve physical fitness. It’s not the time to magnify them and let them have their way.

Be organized

jjdd74Draw out a plan for your day and follow it up to the letter. Remember to be realistic in your goals and objectives. For instance, it would be unrealistic to wake up one morning and decide that you have boiled veggies all day for a week. Let’s be honest here that wouldn’t work even at the time you sit to have them for breakfast that day. Or, if you want to lose weight; you can’t expect to achieve that goal over night. You really have to work hard for it.¬†Kelly from ¬†Fitness Fixation say’s that investing in a good treadmill will help a lot.

It’s the time to see where we’ve been going wrong and to see how to rectify our mistakes. If we’ve been going around feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to stop doing that. Instead, we should be our very own cheerleaders. Try it out and see how far you’ll go in your quest for fitness.

Watch your company

It could be the shoes you watch on TV or the ones you mostly spend time with. Since we can’t get rid of everyone entirely from our lives, we have to sieve the conversations we have with them. Let’s learn only to pick what’s healthy for us.

If we are to make it in our quest for fitness, we should make sacrifices. Buy all the inspirational books and read them with your heart.


Increase your daily intake of hope

When you hope for a better you, you are slowly resurrecting that person you want to become. Begin speaking life to that skinny or well built young man or lady inside of you. After assuring yourself, start working towards it, and it will make your work a lot easier.

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