A Small Guide To Purchasing Essential Oils Online


When purchasing essential oils, especially via online sites, customers should pay attention to some factors. For starters, they should try to determine the authenticity of a certain plant. For that matter, they should check whether the oil is identified with the plant’s botanical or scientific name, as well as its chemotype. Chemotype means that the same plant, for example, Rosemary, will have different chemical profiles depending on where the plant is grown. In general, there are very few plants that are known to have chemotypes. In addition to the chemotype, customers should also check the plant’s country of origin, the expiration date, the distillation method, and the extraction process used.

Two types of tests

22mnbvjfjWhen conducting an essential oils amazon purchase, customers should know that all essential oil businesses that care about selling pure essential oils will have their products tested with at least 2 or 3 test methods, usually simultaneously. The two most popular types include the GC/MS test, also known as a mass spectrometry tests, and the gas chromatography test. Responsible and reputable vendors will run both of these tests on every single batch of oil they receive from their suppliers. Also, the majority of the vendors typically provide batch-specific GC/MS reports, which can be found on their websites. The others will provide these reports for a nominal fee, on a request.

Knowing the terminology

Clinical or therapeutic grade

In recent years, terms like “clinical grade” or “therapeutic grade,” have been used by many essential oil vendors and suppliers, with the aim of claiming their products’ superiority. Customers should know that these terms are anything but standardized and that they can mean whatever the vendor or supplier wants them to mean. Even though this doesn’t mean they are trying to mislead anyone with these claims, customers should know that these terms are not standardized within this industry.

Wildcrafted, Unsprayed, Organic

If you are looking for an essential oil yourself, try to focus on the organic ones. Keep in mind that any types of pollutants present on the plant are typically more concentrated in the oil. This is very important when it comes to citrus essential oils, as they are typically more sprayed with pesticides than other types of oils. However, the general term “organic” can have different meanings in different countries and regions of the world. Regardless of that, it is still one of the best indicators that oil is a quality one.

Additionally, you should also know that some vendors offer “unsprayed” oils, which come from the farms that are not certified as fully organic, but which still refrain from spraying their crops. Last, but not least, you should know that there is also a large number of quality oils that are wildcrafted as well.

Additional information

33,fglhrkljIt is worth mentioning that a large number of reputable essential oil vendors and suppliers are known to provide accurate results of MSDS sheets and other tests. Keep in mind that reputable vendors take pride in their products and that they are perfectly transparent about the products they offer. They are also more than willing to cooperate with their customers and answer all kinds of product-related questions.

Some vendors are also known to indicate their membership and affiliations with various organizations and associations, to show their care for the essential oil industry and the oils themselves.…