Taking care of your newborn baby

As a new parent, there may be countless things that you will have to do in order to care for your baby. Sometimes it can be confusing and also overwhelming, especially if you do not know what to do. Here are a few common issues faced by new parents and what you can do to remedy them.

Vomiting milk


Many babies who are either breast fed or given formula may sometimes throw up after a while. It can be very frustrating for a mother when this happens, and the baby can feel hungry again soon. The best thing to do is burp the baby after each feed. Simply hold the baby up against your chest and gently press his to you while rubbing his back downward. You will hear the burping sound, and this will stop him from throwing up.


Nappy rash/diaper rash

This is a common skin condition among babies, and it happens when the area is damp, and the weather is warm and humid. You can avoid this by using some baby powder but if it does occur you can Heal diaper rash with one of these creams which are very good, and they are Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, Aquaphor Baby, Desitin Rapid Relief and many others. However, we advise you to try and avoid it by not using diapers all the time and keeping your little ones bottom clean and dry always.


vfkcdYou may have noticed your baby looking a bit yellow and a yellowish liquid coming out of his eyes. This is a condition that most babies are born with, and it should disappear within a few weeks. Your pediatrician may tell you if it is a severe case and ask you to do phototherapy if needed. But if it is a mild condition, it is best to hold the baby under the morning sun from 6 to 7 a.m. and give him a lot of breast milk. You will soon see your babies skin turning to its natural color after a few weeks.


Babies need warmth in their first few weeks, therefore make sure they are wrapped well during the night and also if you go out. Just because you feel hot does not mean you have to keep your baby in cold air conditioning. In fact, you must always avoid keeping your baby directly under an air conditioner or a fan as it will make him feel too cold.





Causes Of Anxiety And Depression In Women

Depression is a health condition which is characterized by intense emotions. These emotions include extreme hopelessness, negativity, suicidal tendencies, and anxiety. Depression is serious health condition can affect anyone. Depression should be taken seriously whenever it occurs as it can ruin a person’s life. If uncontrolled, it can significantly affect your relations, work, mental and physical health.

Other than just affecting the sufferer, this is a condition which can also affect his or her friends and family.
Women are more prone to depression than men. This is mainly attributed to the various social as well as biological factors. This article is going to discuss the major factors which depress women.

Increased worry and stress

Stress is one f the major factors which affect more women than men. Women are faced with difficult situations in life such as domestic violence, assaults or sexual abuse. These situations can impact negatively on their brain. Women susceptible to depression are characterized by sadness or loss of confidence.

Hormonal changes

There are various hormonal changes which affect women during their lifetimes such as mood swings, post-delivery, and pregnancy. Furthermore, they are also experienced with the difficulties of bonding with their newborn babies. Women will also undergo through some emotional upheavals which include sadness, irritation or depression during menopause. They are faced with high-stress levels when dealing with these changes thereby increasing their risks of depression.

Loss or lack of social support

Unlike with men, women require more care and love for them to live a happy life. Losing their social support systems such as their relatives and friends can have a negative impact on their health and this increase the chances or risks of getting depressed.


A disruption in their personal relationships

Women are more serious and involved in their relationships. They can easily get depressed when their relationships fail to work out as they expect. Their daily troubles are further accelerated by their family and job responsibilities, all of which can cause unbearable stress and pressure and eventually contribute to depression.

Issues related to their body image

Women suffers from issues related to their body image. This is very common during the adolescence stage. Puberty is another stage when young girls undergo through innumerable mental and physical changes. These changes can play a major role by causing tremendous changes in their coping skills, lifestyle, and relationships. This can, in turn, lead to depression.…

Surprising Health Benefits Of Zucchini

Are you in interested in losing weight naturally? Zucchini is one of the most nutritious vegetables. It  is known for its high nutritional value and its ability in reducing weight. The other health benefits associated with this herb include preventing diseases such as sclerosis and eye bruising, all of which are caused by the deficiency of vitamin C. This herb is also used for promoting eye health. Zucchini is rich in dietary fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, folate, potassium and vitamin C.

These nutrients are helpful in maintaining the overall health of the body. Research has revealed that regular consumption of this herb can be used in lowering the homocysteine levels. Its origin is America. It is readily available in the local stores in green colours, light green and yellow. The worlds’ largest producers of zucchini are China, Italy, Croatia, Egypt, Argentina, and Romania. The following are the health benefits associated with Zucchini

Aids in weight loss

Consumption of zucchini can greatly help you in losing weight considerably. It has low levels of calories, but it can help in making you full. It can provide you with the best option of satisfying your appetite without adding a lot of calories. Besides, zucchini has a high fiber and water content which makes it perfect for your diet.

Maintaining optimal health

Zucchini is a good source of vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is useful in keeping the body in good shape. Additionally, it is loaded with magnesium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, vitamin A, zinc, proteins, niacin, and omega-3 fats. The high content of folate in this vegetable is beneficial for the pregnant women.


Improving cardiovascular health

Zucchini is loaded with vitamin C and manganese which are helpful in keeping your heart strong. Research has revealed that most of the nutrients found in this vegetable are effective in preventing atherosclerosis ad diabetic heart disease. Magnesium, for instance, helps in reducing strokes and heart attacks. It can also be combined with potassium to reduce high blood pressure. Its high fiber content plays a vital role in lowering the bad cholesterol as well as reducing the risks associated with atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. The build up of cholesterol in the blood vessels can lead to narrowing of the blood vessels.

Protecting the body against diseases

Regular consumption of this vegetable can significantly help in preventing the various types of diseases. Fiber-rich foods are known alleviating cancer conditions by washing away toxins from the colon’s cells which cause cancer.

The beta-carotene, folate and vitamin C are also helpful in protecting the body cells against the harmful chemicals which are known for causing colon cancer. Vitamin C and beta-carotene are anti-inflammatory in nature. They are used in curing ailments such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.…